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Now you can support TREAT on your mobile! Just text TTWS22 and the amount you wish to donate to 70070.

Just Giving have teamed up with Vodafone to provide donations via text message. You can choose to donate £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10 and text as many times as you like! TREAT receives 100% of your donation and you pay nothing for the text.

So, to donate £10 simply text TTWS22 £10 TO 70070

Big-hearted Rob Brydon hands £2k to charity

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Charity organisers are laughing all the way to the bank thanks to funnyman Rob Brydon.

Gavin and Stacey's Uncle Bryn was one of the celebrity guests at a gala in the Brangwyn Hall back in February to launch Treat Trust Wales's fundraising drive.

The big-hearted Baglan boy bid £2,000 for a signed Welsh rugby shirt, and has now sent the cheque to the Swansea-based charity.

Treat aims to develop a £10 million therapy centre in the grounds of Morriston Hospital.


It was the brainchild of Melanie Davies, formerly of Port Talbot but now living near Pontardawe with her retired surgeon husband Mike, and has Hollywood star Michael Sheen as its president.

"I didn't see the bidding going on for the rugby shirt but people who did told me that Rob and Michael were bidding against each other," said Melanie.

"In the end Rob put in the winning bid of £2,000. It was fantastic. He has now sent the cheque to our event organiser and it has been forwarded to our treasurer ready to be paid into the bank.

"I know Michael Sheen well but it was the first time I had met Rob, who is now a Treat patron. What a lovely guy he is.

"I introduced him to someone who had suffered a broken neck and told him if he wanted to know what the driving force was behind Treat, he should talk to this man. Rob sat with him for ages and listened."

Other big-name Treat supporters include Port Talbot singer Paul Potts and Paralympic star Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson.

"All our patrons are very valued and generous supporters," said Melanie.

"We would love to get more celebrity names on board with us — the more the merrier, because it helps get Treat out there.

"We want people to spread the message and our patrons are ambassadors for Treat all over the world."


Published in South Wales Evening Post on 16th May 2011 by Paul Lewis.


Melanie recieves Special Recognition at Local Hero awards

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Last night, Melanie was presented with an award for Special Recognition at a presentation for Local Heroes, hosted by Swansea' local radio stations, Swansea Sound and The Wave.

The ceremony took place in the Patti Pavilion, with entertainment provided by Blue (this year's UK Eurovision entry) and Beverley Knight. The event celebrated a number of local heroes including Teacher of the Year, Heart of Gold & Grand Parents of the year.

Melanie was presented the award by Helen Bowden, Station Director at The Wave & Swansea Sound, who talked about how she met Mel and found out about Treat Trust Wales.

"Treat Trust Wales was the brainchild of Mel Davies, who, at that business lunch, talked passionately about a project that would become a centre for health and well-being amongst so many other things.

"I then had a call from Mel a few weeks later as she wanted me to help promote her book 'Never say Die'. I remember me saying 'How are you, Mel?' She said 'Oh the breast cancer has come back and I'll have more treatment, but when can i come in for that interview?'!

"She then called me again and asked me to meet herself and Mike to talk about an event. The Treat Trust gala dinner idea had been born in the December and Mel was determined to put it on in the February. I told her that I felt the lead time was too short and she would never fill the tables in the Brangwyn Hall. How wrong I was! The dinner in February was a huge success with performances from Paul Potts and guests that included Michael Sheen and Rob Brydon. Her determination paid off.

"So Treat is dedicated to providing a purpose-built, ecologically friendly, world-class centre of excellence on land adjacent to the redevelopment of Swansea's Morriston Hospital. But this 10 million pound campaign would not be possible without the will, dedication and passion that this amazing lady has.

"Tonight I wanted to recognise Mel's work by giving her this Special Recognition award. Not only for her work with Treat but also for her own personal bravery and selfless spirit."

Mel & Mike at the Local Hero Awards

At the Local Hero Awards

For more photos of the night visit our Facebook page

For a full list of the winners, visit The Wave's website.


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A trio of prominent local women have all been acknowledged at the 2011 Welsh Women Mean Business Awards.


Neath-born opera star Rebecca Evans won the Outstanding Achievement Award at the event, which took place on Friday 11 March at the Vale Resort in Hensol with an audience of 300 guests.

Soprano Rebecca, from the village of Pontrhydyfen near Neath, studied at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama at the same time as Bryn Terfel.

Her strong operatic career has led her from performing regularly at the Welsh National Opera and the Royal Opera House in London’s Covent Garden to singing parts in operas in New York and San Francisco.

Another winner from the evening is the reigning Miss Swansea, Bianca Cridland from Mumbles, who runs Gower Soaps. She won the category for Best Young Female Entrepreneur, sponsored by the University of Glamorgan.

As sole owner of Gower Soaps, Bianca makes the vegan and vegetarian-friendly soaps herself. As well as running her own business and preparing for the Miss Wales final, Bianca is in full-time education studying for her law degree at Gower College.

She said, ‘Winning Miss Swansea gave me the confidence to look for other opportunities. The Welsh Women Mean Business Awards is well thought of and has provided a great opportunity for me to meet and get to know other established businesswomen in Wales.”.Treat founder Melanie wins the Joshua Foundation Award

The third Welsh Women Mean Business award winner from the region is Mel Davies from Neath Port Talbot. She has won The Joshua Foundation Award for Contribution Towards Charity for her work with TREAT Trust Wales.

Mel Davies founded TREAT in 2000, which stands for Treatment, Rehabilitation, Exercise And Therapy. After surviving a motorcycle accident at the age of 15 and breast cancer, Mel Davies set up TREAT Trust Wales as a charitable, not-for-profit organisation dedicated to providing a world-class centre of excellence for rehabilitation and therapy in Wales. TREAT is aiming to provide a state-of-the-art rehabilitation centre next to Swansea’s Morriston Hospital.

Based on a centre for health and well-being, the trust's facility would seek to offer a warm and welcoming atmosphere not only for sufferers themselves but for family and friends to participate together.

Sarah Cornelius-Price, a former winner of the Welsh Woman of the Year competition, organised the Welsh Women Mean Business Awards.  She said: “Myself and the judges have met some phenomenal women through this process. Rebecca, Bianca, Mel, and the other winners, are hugely inspirational and are great examples of how women make an incredible contribution to the Welsh economy. I applaud them all for their successes.”

The following categories were awarded on the evening:

  1. Best Woman in a Legal Business, sponsored by Hopkins Law, and overall winner of the Welsh Women Mean Business Woman of the Year title – Helen Molyneux from New Law Legal in Cardiff
  2. Best Woman in Beauty, sponsored by Ken Picton– Leigharne Phillips from The Hair Business in Cowbridge
  3. Best Woman in Manufacturing, sponsored by The Hurns Brewery – Karen Dell’Armi, from Karen Dell’Armi Contemporary Jewellery in Cardiff
  4. Best Woman in Property, sponsored by Watkins & Gunn – Jane Boyes from Boyes Rees Architects in Cardiff
  5. Best Female Business Leader, sponsored by Shram Event Management – Emma Powell from Zipporah Ltd in Cardiff
  6. Best Newcomer, sponsored by 4Ward Development – Drew Rogers from Renew Fitness Retreat in Cardiff
  7. Best Woman in Financial Services, sponsored by Source – Leanne Eustace from Accounted For Limited in Cardiff
  8. Best Woman in Tourism / Service Sector – Debra Harris from Ffynnon Boutique Accommodation in Dolgellau
  9. Best Woman in Media / Creative, sponsored by Vibe – Georgina Jones from Sing and Inspire
  10. Best Woman in a Business Investing in the Environment, sponsored by the Welsh Assembly Government – Julie Lyddon from EcoDysgu in Bridgend
  11. Best Young Female Entrepreneur, sponsored by the University of Glamorgan – Bianca Cridland from Swansea
  12. The Joshua Foundation Award for Contribution Towards Charity – Mel Davies from TREAT Trust Wales in Neath Port Talbot
  13. The Welsh Women Mean Business Scholarship in conjunction with Glamorgan Business School – Stacey Young from Pontypridd
  14. The Welsh Women Mean Business Outstanding Achievement Award – Rebecca Evans (Welsh opera singer)

For more information visit

Teenage dreams shattered in a split second

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Imagine being told at 15 years old that you would never be able to walk again. Following a horrific motorbike accident Melanie Davies' life changed in a split second. Laura Davies (South Wales Evening Post) talks to the now 46-year-old about rebuilding her life and her fight to get a rehabilitation centre in Wales to help other people through her charity Treat Trust Wales.

She had a promising career as a potential model, aspirations of getting married and having a family, and looked forward to living a fun-packed life.

But laying in a hospital bed, 15-year-old Melanie Davies somehow had to come to terms with the fact that she would never walk again.

The devastating news came shortly after she was involved in a motorbike accident not far from her Port Talbot home.

Now 31 years on, the paraplegic relives the painful memories of the day that changed her life and hopes that she can make a difference to other patients who have been involved in serious accidents.

It was a sunny Saturday morning in May, 1980, and pretty teenages Melanie Bowen was looking forward to spending the day out on her boyfriend's motorbike in Porthcawl.

She was 15 years and he was 19 years old.

After being bullied in school for being 6ft tall, she discovered a newfound confidence when she hooked up with her long-haired, tatooed biker boyfriend.

She says: "I thought he was God and he had a 750 Honda – a massive Bike.

"We were going out on a ride to Porthcawl. A friend of mine asked if she could come out with my biker gang and I remember thinking I hope noting happens to her because she had never been out on a bike.

"I had been having a grand old time. I had been on a bike for two months – I thought I knew everything. At least I knew to wear a proper jacket and a good helmet."

But on the way back to Port Talbot another bike overtook the youngsters on Aberavon sea front and Melanie's boyrfriend took chase.

It was then that disaster struck.

She says: "We were driving along and we ended up hitting a 90 degree bend, known as Jeff's bend, at 85mph. There was sand on the road and he lost control of the bike. I was flung through the air and landed on a wall and consequently broke my back.

"One minute iI was walking with dreams of being a model and, in a second, it all went.

"My life changed as I knew it, as my parents and as my friends and family knew it, in a second.

"I walked out of our home a carefree teenager on May 10, 1980, for what was to be the last time in my life.

"In the accident, my back was snapped between the shoulder blades paralysing me from the chest down.

"I was told I would never stand or walk again and that the rest of my life was to be lived in a wheelchair. I never thought it would happen to me – who does?

"You get used to not walking, you can adapt, but when you start realising that you have lost control of your bladder, your bowels, everything – you are a big baby. I was a 15-year-old newborn, dependant on new bladder training technique, new bowel training etc – this was the swaggering teenager that walked out the door that day in her stilettos, black suede boots, tight jeans and a leather jacket.

Melanie, orginally of Uploads, Penycae, spent months in Rookwood in Cardiff, a rehabilitation hospital, trying to come to terms with the new her.

"When I was told I don't think it hit home," she says.

"My thoughts were 'how am I going to get upstairs, go tot he toilet, will I ever go dancing again, will I have a boyfriend again, will my friends want to bother with a cripple cramping their style?' I just thought 'when is this going to end and when I am going to die?'

"That blast of testosterone that my boyfriend had for that one second if all it took to change my life.

"Mty parents a;ways said not to go on a motorbike but being young I just though I would be fine.

"When I was lying on the ground after the accident, the first thing I thought was 'I am going to have a row'."

But 46-year-old Melanie has come through it a stronger person, one who is now driven by a £10 million dream of opening a centre in Swansea to help those who have been through ordeals fo their own.

TREAT Trust Wales was forme din 2001 with the help of secveral doctors. Its president s Hollywood star Michael Sheen.

Melanie says: "Having an injury like this is bad enough but there are currently no rehabilitation services in Wales. So not only are you taken out of one liffe and put into another, there is no-one there to help or guide you through that learning process.

"I formed TREAT Trust ten years ago on the hope that there was something I could do for people who had suffered serious injuries due to accidents."

There have been many ups as well as downs for Melanie.

In 2001, she developed breast cancer and is currently undergoing treatment for a second bout of the disease.

On the upside, Melanie is now a happily married woman.

Except, in aother Hollywood-like twist, she is maried to the surgeon who first broke the dreadful news to her that she would never walk again after her accident.

The couple got together when Melanie asked Mike to help her with the charity and they now live in New Road, Gellinudd, Pontardawe. Together they both work tirelessly to promote the charity.

Melanie has written an autobiography, Never Say Die, and is now backing a campaign along with the Port Talbot actor to urge bikers in Wales to slow down and stay safe on the roads.

The Ride Wales leaflet is part of the Wales by Bike campaign, which was set up to tackle the high number of motorbike fatalities on Welsh roads and is funded by Go Safe – the Wales Road Casualty Reduction Partnership.

The leaflet has been designed to provide bikers with top tips on how to be safe, common causes of accidents and how to avoid them, and training advice.

Award-winning star Michael says: "When I found out there was no rehabilitation centre I thought it was ridiculous and I was keen to get involved.

"It's not just the fatalities or injuries it's also the familes affected as well.

"Somethign like this will really make a huge difference to people with permanent or temporary injuries.

"Recently my mother had a hip-replacement operation so we have been very aware as a family of the importance of rehabilitation in order to get back into life and lead a full life."

Michael admits he has never really ridden a motorbike, but used to get around London by scooter.

"I know the thrill of getting around on two wheels – the joy, the freedom and how in a split second, either through my own stupidity or through incompetence of others around me it could all be over just like that," he says.

"The danger and the risk, no matter where you are is the same."

Melanie adds: "If I can prevent this happening to anybody else, then I ill do anything I possibly can. I have seen it all. I am still living it.

"There is no cure for me but if we can get rehabilitation services we can do something to help."

Laura Davies, South Wales Evening Post : 8th March 2011

Stars’ happy return to offer support for charity campaign

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Michael Sheen has the passion and Paul Potts has the voice – The TREAT Trust is definitely in good hands.

The Baglan boys returned home this week to encourage people to find out more about the charity and join them for a special gala evening next Friday.

The Swansea charity is aiming to raise a staggering £10 million to develop a unique therapy centre in the grounds of Morriston Hospital.

Melanie Davies – who was left paraplegic at 15 after a motorcycle accident — and her retired surgeon husband, Mike,  founded Treat (Treatment, Rehab- ilitation, Exercise And Therapy) in 2000.

They hope to start construction before 2015.

Melanie, who is fighting her second bout of breast cancer, said: "It is going to be event of the year in Wales. You are not going to get better than this.

"It is just tremendous that the stars have got behind us."

Hollywood actor Michael Sheen, the charity's president, who met the Post at Port Talbot's Blanco's Hotel, said they were determined to make the dream a reality.

"We are going to keep at it and we are going to raise as much as we can," said Michael who is also currently working on theatre event The Passion.

"It is just all about spreading the word and getting people aware of what we are trying to do.

"This is the area that I grew up in and it is what I consider home, so it is great to be able to give whatever I can to improve the lives of the people in the community."

Paul, who is one of the charity's patrons, will be singing a duet with soprano Rebecca Evans on the night. 

"This is something I care about very much," he said.

"I do believe that if I am going to be involved in something I want to really get involved.

"This is something that will be world class and is still destined for local people."

The black tie bash at the Brangwyn Hall next Friday, will also include Rob Brydon, Kevin Johns, former Neath and Wales rugby star Paul Thorburn and Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson.

Business supporters for the event include Swansea law firm Peter Lynnand Partners.

To book a table or to help with sponsorship, people should call Vickey Sempleon 02920 450782.

Michael Sheen and Paul Potts do their bit for charity

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WELSH actor Michael Sheen and singer Paul Potts came home last night to persuade their countrymen to share their dream of establishing a world-class health and rehabilitation centre in Wales.


Paul Potts & Michael Sheen at the TREAT Trust Press Conference

Paul Potts, TREAT Trust Patron & Michael Sheen OBE, TREAT Trust President. Image from

The pair were in their hometown of Port Talbot to raise the profile of the Treat Trust’s £10m appeal, which will be kick-started on February 25 with an all-star dinner.

Melanie Davies – who was left paraplegic at 15 after a motorcycle accident – and her retired surgeon husband, Mike, founded TREAT (Treatment, Rehabilitation, Exercise And Therapy) in 2000.

They hope to start construction before 2015. The building will include ramped-access to a heated swimming pool and modern gymnasium, as well as physiotherapy and complementary therapies including music and art.

At a press conference at the town’s Blanco’s Hotel last night, the superstars said: “It’s no pipe dream – where in it for the long run.”

It’s a dream that’s already taking form – Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board has offered a suitable site next to Morriston Hospital for a peppercorn rent, while the determined couple have managed to secure building materials and services from professionals.

Hollywood star Sheen – currently in Wales working on the Passion Plays after filming the Twilight vampire saga – became involved after his father Meyrick got to know Treat founder Melanie and is now the trust’s president.

Britain’s Got Talent star Potts became a patron after choosing it as his local charity.

Sheen, 41, told the Western Mail: “My mother Irene recently had a hip replacement operation and I’m very well aware of how big a challenge rehabilitation is over months and months –something like Treat would be able to help hugely in that process.

“You only need to go on the beach to see people in wheelchairs, their carers . . . people with all sorts of obstacles in their lives, to realise what a lift this would give them.

“There are very few places like this in the world and Treat would be so innovative and unique.

“I care very much about the people of my hometown and would be very proud to be helping to create a world class facility for them that they deserve.”

Melanie knows first hand the difference such a facility will make to the people of South Wales and she has won the backing of a formidable group of patrons, trustees and supporters.

Currently fighting her second bout of breast cancer, the 31-year-old won’t let a little thing like a recession stop her. The couple are now putting together a business case hoping for matched funding from the Assembly Government.

She said: “People are still suffering, disabled, needing rehabilitation – a positive lift regardless of the financial circumstances.

“We still have a duty to care and help and support people back into a full and independent life, making a contribution to society and releasing NHS beds.

“This will be a place for everyone – we were put on this planet for a purpose and there’s no better one than this. We’ve just got to go for it.”

Former phone salesman Potts – now a world-class singer – was effusive but determined: “I know of just how low I was, being long-term unemployed. Treat will be there for everyone and everyone can do their bit to help.

“It’s great to have a vision and I’ve no doubt that we’ll make it happen. It’s just a matter of when.”

by Wayne Nowaczyk, Western Mail

Welsh businesses back stars’ £10m health dream

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Big names from the South Wales businesses community have joined stars Michael Sheen and Paul Potts to support a £10m charity drive to build a health and rehabilitation facility.


They are backing Treat Trust Wales' bid to create a unique therapy centre next to Swansea's Morriston Hospital.

Other celebrity backers include Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson, Wales outside-half James Hook and singer Rebecca Evans.

A world-class centre of excellence, the centre will benefit thousands living with illness, injury or disability, as well as those who are fit and well and wish to remain so.

Business supporters include Swansea law firm Peter Lynn and Partners, named today as principal sponsor of a February 25 gala dinner at the city's Brangwyn Hall.

The glittering event features Port Talbot-raised Hollywood star Michael Sheen and global song star Paul Potts, who lives in the town. Comic Rob Brydon will be a guest along with personalities such as Lieutenant General Louis Lillywhite, Surgeon-General of the British Armed Forces from 2006-09.

Treat Trust Wales founder Melanie Davies, a paraplegic since a 1980 motorbike accident, said: "We thank all our supporters; their generosity will go a long way.

"Some are supporting us with cash, others with services, and some with both.

"However, our project is massive and long-term so we need as much support as possible. I'd be thrilled to hear from other potential backers."

Peter Lynn, senior partner in his growing firm of solicitors, said: "Mel's aims are laudable and will fulfil a genuine need for the whole of south west Wales.

"As a business, we look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with Treat Trust Wales.

"I urge other businesses to get involved, starting with next week's dinner, which should be a top class occasion. We’re looking to take our involvement much further than the dinner."

Business backers include: AB Glass, Swansea; Boyes Rees Architects, Cardiff; BSS, Gorseinon; Dimensions Consulting, Swansea; Effective Communication, Cardiff and Swansea; Morgan Cole, Swansea; Peter Lynn & Partners, Swansea; Spot On Events and Communications, Cardiff; Santander Business Banking, Swansea; South Wales Evening Post, Swansea; Lee Wakemans, Cardiff, Arcade Carpets, Swansea, Broomfield Alexander Accountants, Newport, Cardiff and Swansea, Antur Insurance, Swansea, CLC Chartered Surveyors, Janiserve Swansea and Swansea Sound.

Public sector supporters include Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board and Menter Iaith, Swansea.

Charitable supporters include Aspire, Middlesex. Celebrity supporters include comedian Owen Money, former rugby star Gwyn Jones, former Wales rugby skipper Paul Thorburn and Swansea radio presenter and performer Kevin Johns.

Funnyman Rob to join list of stars at gala

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COMEDY star Rob Brydon as become the latest big name to sign up for a spectacular charity gala in Swansea.


He will join actor Michael Sheen, singer Paul Potts and soprano Rebecca Evans for the black-tie bash at the city's Brangwyn Hall.

Tickets are now on sale for the evening, which is being held to launch Treat Trust Wales's fundraising drive.

The Swansea charity is aiming to develop a therapy centre in the grounds of Morriston Hospital at a cost of some £10 million.

Treat is the brainchild of Melanie Davies, who lives near Pontardawe with husband Mike. 

"We'd been hoping to get Rob to come along and I happened to mention it to Michael," said Melanie, referring to the charity's movie star president.

"He said he would put in a word and then we heard from our event organiser that Rob had agreed to attend, which was really fantastic news."

Other personalities due to attend include Swansea's own Kevin Johns,, former Neath and Wales rugby star Paul Thorburn and Paralympian Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson.

Treat is also looking for sponsors for the event, which takes place on Friday, February 25.

They will be able to enjoy a champagne reception with the stars before the gala starts, and will have their photographs taken with them ready to take home with them at the end.

Other people attending can also be snapped with the celebrities but will have to pay extra, with the money being donated to Treat.

The centre will benefit people with an illness, injury or disability, their family and friends, and anyone who wants to keep fit and well.

It will also be available to other organisations to use, such as charities working with heart disease, strokes, cancer and diabetes.

Melanie had the idea while recovering from breast cancer ten years ago and is battling it a second time.

"I am about to start my treatment and the gala is really helping to keep my mind off it and giving me something to look forward to," she said.

"How many people about to start cancer treatment have a night out with Michael Sheen, Paul Potts, Rob Brydon and Rebecca Evans to look forward to?"

To attend call Vicky Semple on 02920 450782.



Melanie Davies guests on Radio Tircoed

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Melanie Davies, founder of TREAT Trust Wales, will be a guest on Alison 'Lenny' Lennihan's show 'Wormen's Bits' on Radio Tircoed today (25th January 2011)  at 1pm.


Make sure you tune in to hear Mel's amazing story and to find out more about TREAT's gala dinner on February 25th.

Tune in to 106.5fm or listen live online via the link below

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