Never Say Die

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Never Say Die is the true story of Melanie Davies, the founder of TREAT Trust Wales, and all proceeds of the book are being donated to the trust.

On a Saturday morning in May 1980, Melanie Bowen, a pretty fifteen year old grabbed her leather jacket and crash helmet, yelled a goodbye and walked out of the front door into the sunshine for what was to be the last time in her life.

Never Say Die is the true story of what followed.

Since the motorcycle crash that left her paralysed from the chest down, Melanie’s life has been one of extremes. She endured months of despair and indignity in rehabilitation, was in another serious car crash, and was diagnosed with breast cancer. On the plus side, she’s won medals in athletics for Wales, dabbled with the film world and set up her own rehabilitation charity.

She has also, against all the odds, found lasting happiness, having fallen in love with and married the surgeon who 25 years earlier told her she would never walk again. This is Melanie’s story.

Featured on ITV’s ‘This Morning’. Buy ‘Never Say Die’ on Amazon


Book Reviews

“An extraordinary story of an extraordinary life. A most inspiring read.” Michael Sheen OBE

“A fairy-tale ending to rival any Mills & Boon romance.” Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson DBE

“Why do we have to talk of disability? Call it inconvenience!” Dr Richard Pimentel USA

“Do buy the book – not just because it is a great read that will have you moved and crying with laughter many times. It also helps raise money for Treat Trust as Mel is giving her share of the royalties to Treat Trust.” Paul Potts, TREAT Trust Patron

Taken from the review on Paul Potts’ Blog

The following reviews have been submitted via the Amazon Vine programme.

“This book is a must-buy! It’s amazing to think that I’m helping to write the next chapter in Mel’s lifetime adventure buy simply buying her book and knowing that the money spent will go towards building her dream rehabilitation centre.
The story is amazing. I couldn’t put the book down – it’s so well-written and putting humour into a serious topic.
What a wonderful book and an amazing person.
Good luck with the rehab unit Mel!” bargainhunter [View on Amazon]

“Never say Die is a must read for anybody. Melanie Davies spares us no details in her battle following a motorcycle accident when she was 16 in may 1980. Her story is inspiring and full of positivity and humour particularly when discussing her ‘grumpy surgeon’, who now happens to be her husband.” Mr P. J. Cooper [View on Amazon]

“Such a brilliant read, had me in tears one minute and laughter the next, this woman is amazing, how she coped with the many trauma’s faced I do not know, but she smiled her way through it, she deserves all the happiness she has found in her marriage, good luck to them both.a must read.”  W. Hughes [View on Amazon]

Gripping from the beginning, this really is a book you can’t put down (well I did over night but couldn’t get it out of my mind). I have laughed a little, cried a lot and hrumphed a fair amount throughout reading this so it’s probably best read at home rather than on the bus or in the staff room (unless you want everyone to think you’re a loony).

“The synopsis tells you all you need to know about the content of this book (her relationship with her husband is only touched on at the end) but doesn’t tell you how engaging Melanie is a writer writing in the first person & referring to the reader as ‘you’.

“Yes I recommend this wholeheartedly.” Mad Saint Uden [View on Amazon]

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