Paul Thorburn becomes Chairman of TREAT

Written by on 8th October 2015. Posted in News

Paul Thorburn, former Welsh Rugby Union player, took over from Mike Davies as Chairman of TREAT Trust Wales in 2014.

TREAT are delighted to welcome Paul on board as chairman, and Paul has this to say about his appointment:

“When I was asked by the Trustees to take on the role of Chairman for Treat Trust, I was absolutely delighted and indeed honoured. I have had an association with the Trust for a number of years, through my longstanding friendship with Mike and Mel Davies and although my involvement has to this point been more ambassadorial, I am now looking forward to working with the Board to drive the project forward.

Ultimately TREAT Trust Wales is aiming to provide a state of the art rehabilitation centre for the benefit of the local and Welsh community, to assist those with disability, whether permanent or temporary following accident or illness, in improving their quality of life, general fitness and sense of well-being and self-esteem.

The timing of my new appointment is very relevant, with the International Paralympic Championship European athletics games coming to Swansea in

August of this year and as Chairman of the Local Organising Committee, I am hoping that we can further educate and engage the general population to recognise the challenges people with physical disability face and, more importantly how we can help them”

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