New president for TREAT Trust Wales

Written by on 6th December 2012. Posted in News

We are delighted to announce that Paul Potts has accepted the invitation to become President of TREAT Trust Wales.

Paul Potts is TREAT Trust Wales' new president

The Britain’s Got Talent winner is already a Patron of Treat Trust Wales but is now its figurehead following the decision of Hollywood star Michael Sheen to stand down.

Michael's decision to stand down was because he didn’t feel he was able to give the role the time and commitment it deserved.

He was TREAT’s President for six years but he is extremely busy with work and other commitments, and of course now lives in Los Angeles.

Paul Potts became a TREAT patron in 2009, immediately contributing to the charity almost £50,000, his fee for performing at a concert for the Swiss Open tennis championship.

He is a fantastic ambassador for TREAT, getting involved in a very hands-on way.

When he became Patron he said he didn’t just want to be a name on a letterhead, and he really has committed to it.

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